Goods to Person

In today’s supply chain, AIOI Goods to Person solution (G2P) is essential. We provide a variety of high-end systems that are low maintenance to maximize efficiency. AGV runs through the warehouse and delivers the goods to the picking station in the (G2P) solution. Picking takes place on shelves that have been moved in accordance with the contents projected by the Projection Picking System (PPS). In addition to the frontage display, the number, product information, and other information can be displayed in an easy-to-understand format for the operator. Because the PPS has a Pokayoke feature, picking accuracy is improved.


E-commerce order fulfillment

3PL order fulfillment

Distribution Centers

Manufacturing Facilities

And more...

Goods to Person (G2P)

Benefits & Advantages

Goods-to-person solutions can incorporate
high-density storage systems, pallet-based or tote/carton-based systems, horizontal and
vertical carousels, robots, and vertical lift modules.

Produces a smaller footprint and uses less space

Improvements in functionality, efficiency,
inventory management, and space utilization.

Smooth Interface of G2P Solution, pick and sort at the same time.

Easy Integration with Software

Easy Ergonomics compared to Person to Goods solutions.



The Right Picking System
for your Process

Goods-to-person picking is also known for its high reliability (error rates tend to be near zero) and employee friendliness. Order pickers won’t have to handle big things or bend over as much with user-friendly workstations.

Fast & Ergonomic

The high level of automation, combined with the fact that an employee does not have to travel long distances through a warehouse to fulfill an order.

Increased Efficiency

Such systems are organized by your existing work zones, which helps minimize walking and, therefore, boosts efficiency.

High Picking Performance

The workstations meet ergonomic requirements, for example by being equipped with adjustable shelves or work surfaces, ensuring optimum grip heights for employees of different heights.

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