Put to Light & Put to Wall

With a technique known as pick-to-light in reverse, AIOI Systems Put to Light solution optimizes batch picking and high-speed sortation activities. Sometimes the Put-to-Light approach is referred to as ‘scan and sort’. Operators scan bar codes on individual pieces of merchandise, then lights turn on at any individual customer orders requiring that product.


E-commerce order fulfillment

Returns processing

Secondary batch pick sortation

Store order fulfillment

Put away and replenishment

Kitting processes Order consolidation

Benefits & Advantages

What are the benefits of Put to Light?

Faster sortation rates, offering an average increase of 40% over paper-based or RF-only based methods

Shorter Order Cycle Times

Manage large number of SKU’s

Reduced Employee Training Time

Space efficient, adding capacity to facilities with limited space

Cost effective method of automation with Improved Customer service


Pick to Light & Put to Light?

Put to light is essentially the inverse of a pick-to-light system: simply reverse the flow, and a put-to-light system will guide operators to organize incoming goods in a retail store, grouped as a customer order, or in any other organizational method.

Better ROI

Better ROI in high density areas because the units are being moved more often, its quicker for the operator to identify the right item due to the clear lighting system.

Increased Efficiency

Such systems are organized by your existing work zones, which helps minimize walking and, therefore, boosts efficiency.

Low Labor Costs

Your pick-to-light system can easily pay for itself. when you implement systems for less walking, shorter time to order fulfillment, greater order accuracy

Put to Wall

Put Wall and its Advantages

A Put Wall is basically a shelving system (fluid or static) outfitted with put lights. Each shelf slot, or tote, represents an order for an eCommerce customer or part of a store order in a retail operation. Totes are picked upstream, mainly batch picked at active locations (pick modules or racks) and conveyed to the put wall area.

Put walls are particularly popular in ecommerce operations which handle small average orders, as a worker can pick multiple orders to a single tote, but then split them into individual orders at the wall.

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