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AIOI-SYSTEMS carries a wide lineup of Pick to Light systems to meet the diverse needs of customers. Please use the list below as a selection guide. We also have various specifications not included in the list. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or request.

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With each series below, AIOI Systems offers more than 1000+ systems categorized for each industry.

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Shutter Assortment System


  • AIOI SYSTEMS Pick-to-Light system range includes modules suitable for all kinds of requirements. For processes that require maximum reliability, there are modules equipped with sensors that automatically detect whether the selected item is the correct one, warning the operator in case of error (Poka-Yoke). Therefore, thanks to the Pick-to-Light (PTL) systems the error rate is minimized.    


  • The operators are guided by the Pick-to-Light devices, where the light indicates the next accessory to be assembled on the assembly line. 
  • So the picking process is monitored, generating warning signals in case of a selection error (Poka-Yoke). 
  • By incorporating an interactive digital system directly at the work station, we ensure that consumption is recorded and stock is controlled online, avoiding downtime due to unavailability of components.
  • Pick-to-Light systems are of special application in environments where items are high-end and/or high turnover. 

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