Projection Picking Systems

Projection Picking Systems is a picking system that utilizes a projector and a Pokayoke (Full-Proofing system) feature.
Simply by installing a projector on the shelf, conventional wiring work & physical work on the shelves when changing layouts and locations are not required.

Projector can project any kind of images, videos, characters, quantities with colors in a free layout.

Projection Picking Systems

Benefits & Advantages

AIOI Projection Picking System (PPS) applies image processing technology that is flexible enough to accommodate various shapes of rack and shelf configurations.

Can accommodate to various types of shelf.

Poka-yoke (picking error prevention) function is mounted.

Electrical wiring is not required (simple device configuration makes installation change easy).

Can make various picking instructions by creating various images for the items, video, and voice.

Enables the operation to link with various distribution-related equipment, including conveyors.

Floor Projection Picking System (F-PPS)

How does F-PPS work?

Sorting System with Projector floor Illumination

A system for sowing seeds by installing a projector on the ceiling and displaying the frontage on the floor

Uses wireless units of confirmation button. Mechanism of battery-less confirm button units for efficient operations.

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