Non-Polar Twin Technology

AIOI’s AI-Net communication is nonpolar by using Two-wire technology, therefore short circuit can be avoided even if the PTL is mounted reversely by any mistake.

Made in Japan

We, AIOI Systems, develop and manufacture all the products in Japan.

Market Domination

AIOI’s devices and modules have many advantages such as high display speed, high tolerance for noise, easy maintenance, and easy installation. 

Automation for Success

End-to-End Solutions

Warehouse Automation technology may be the key to solving your warehouse and distribution challenges—and making your life a little easier in the process. Thousands of businesses worldwide have already taken the leap.

Our teams focus on delivering solutions that are customized to fit your business and supply chain operations. From receiving, put away, and storage to picking, packing, and shipping, we deliver solutions for every process workflow.

Game Changing Automation for Supply Chain

Creating design and solution step by step



  • Arrival of Goods Systems
  • Label Issuing Systems
  • Racking Systems
  • Transport systems
  • Lift-up AGV’s, ASRS etc.
  • Pallet Transport Systems
  • Others
  • 2

    Pick & Assort

  • Picking Carts
  • Piece Sorters
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Order Consolidation Systems
  • Others
  • 3

    Check & Pack

  • Label Issuing Systems
  • Assortment systems / SAS
  • Self Assemble
    Stations (PTL/PPS)
  • Traceability Systems
  • Others
  • 4


  • Shipping Inspection System
  • Handy Terminals (HHT), etc.
  • Dimensioning, Weighing
    & Scanning Systems
  • Loading Unloading System
  • Others
  • Our Solutions

    Leading company in the logistics automation field, at a global level

    Combining innovative solutions with easy-to-use, open automation and enabling technologies, AIOI SYSTEMS helps companies of all sizes.

    Pick to Light

    Picking and Sorting systems for a wide range of processes.

    Picking Cart

    Cart-based solutions improve batch picking operations by reducing moving and transit time.

    Put-to-Light/Put Wall

    Solutions made to optimize batch picking and high-speed sortation activities.

    Projection Picking System

    Project any kind of images, videos, characters, quantities with colors in a free layout.


    Variety of high-end systems that are low maintenance to maximize efficiency.

    End-to-End Solution

    Advanced robotics, picking, world-class software, and best-in-class automation ready for operations.


    Countries Operating


    Systems Introduced


    Years of Establishment


    Units Installed
    More than 1000+ lights available in different series
    Supporting all kinds of Industries for 38+ years

    AIOI SYSTEMS has been providing solutions & services to various industries from Automotive, E-commerce, 3PL and many more.

    Support & Maintenance
    What to expect after System Installation?

    After Systems Installed

    Warranty period is initiated from the day order is received on customer’s end. (However, there are some exemptions from the free warranty such as natural disasters)

    Annual Maintenance Contracts

    A standard maintenance contract after the free warranty period has expired. Includes repair of our equipment, regular system inspection, and emergency troubleshooting (with a limited number of times)

    Spot Maintenance Services

    This is a maintenance service when an annual maintenance contract has not been concluded after the free warranty period has expired.
    We will provide on-site maintenance for a fee and inspections at the request of the customer in the event of a failure.


    39+ Years of Experience

  • Full Support to build relationships.
  • 2

    24/7 availability

  • Call any day, any time
  • 3

    Online/Remote Support

  • Prioritize Time over Trouble.
  • *AIOI Contact will be provided after finalization of project.

    Our Clients

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