For Order Fulfillment


We design and manufacture picking and sorting systems for a wide range of processes,
warehouses, and distribution centers.

Our Pick-to-Light systems are helping customers in 72 countries increasing their production efficiency and
accuracy to the maximum. Our goal of assisting our customers with Pick-to-Light systems is providing an advanced
solution for picking and processing error-free.

Pick to Light (PTL)

Getting Rid of Picking Mistakes

Pick-to-light reduces the time spent going between goods required by an order and eliminates the inaccuracies associated with reading paper pick lists, resulting in better order fulfillment.

Order is Quick & Simple

AIOI SYSTEMS light-directed approach for picking broken case quantity/pieces is the fastest pick automation available to enhance the speed and order quality of your broken case quantity/piece picking operations.

Software Integration Made Simple

Our systems are simple and quick to integrate with the user's software solution (WMS or ERP).

How does Pick to Light Work?

There are small variations in pick-to-light systems, but the standard technology works like this:

Operators scan item barcodes that are attached to temporary and reusable holding containers, for example, shipping cartons.

The system’s alphanumeric display (usually, LED lights) then lights up to guide the operator to the indicated pick location. There, the system then indicates how many and which items should be picked.

The operator picks the item(s), places them in the holding container, and then presses a button to confirm the picking.

The system continues in this way, illuminating each sector for picking until all items have been picked and placed in their respective holding containers.


What Are the Benefits
of Pick to Light?

As far as warehousing operations go, pick-to-light systems are an excellent tool for increasing productivity and efficiency, as well as for reducing picking errors. But, of course, there’s more to it than that:


Your operators save time when they eliminate the step of leafing through paper-based records.

System Integration

Integrate pick to light with an existing (WMS)(ERP), Supply chain management, or other host systems, for better warehouse controls.

Ease of Use

With an efficient pick-to-light system, you can cut training down to 30-45 minutes.
(Talk about nearly instant gratification!)

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